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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Joey Challenge #186
Tile 9
Use Pokeleaf , a Zentangle original

I've also used MI2 by Mimi Lempart

Here is my finished piece. I cut the tiles myself and apparently not so well, because it does not fit very good some places. I've also added a bit more pink to the entire piece.

And my day 3 to 6 of Inktober challenge :
Feeling Knotty - Cherryl Moote
Diva Dance - Zentangle original
Marusa - Zentangle original
Ponio - Mei Hua Teng
Rixty - Zentangle original
and filled the empty spaces with Pixioze by Margaret Bremner and "shaded" with a white pastel pencil.
(I am far behind and this is definitely in the spirit of Inktober)

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Joey Challenge #178 tile 8

Ai Joey and again you floored me! - Printemps! I already have printemps. So the best idea I could come up was using Printemps as a string and I added Dicso (Mina Hsiao) which is the tangle for day 2 of Stephanie Jennefir's #InktoberTangles.

#InktoberTangles day 1 Bunzo.
Bunzo border filled by Printemps, both Zentangle originals. I wanted to do the shading by using a coloured pencil, but I did not have the right colour and decided to use an ordinary pencil  instead.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

JoeyChallenge #178 tile 7

We had to use Nzeppel, a Zentangle original for this tile. Nzeppel is not the focus tangle in this tile since I have already used it in the other tiles. Other tangles I have used was one of my favourites - Sandswirl by Karry Heun and Printemps also a Zentangle original.

I have eventually completed challenge #175 by guest blogger Stephanie Jennifer
Tangles used:
Naida - Stephanie Jennifer
Printemps - Zentangle original
Cadentoo - Lianne Woods
Claws - Helena

Saturday, 23 September 2017

And now for challenges by guest artists while Joey took a break:

Challenge #173 
Guest artist - Michelle Wynne
String supplied by Michelle

Tangles used:
Shattuck, Onamato, Crescent Moon, Florz - Zentangle originals
Ovy - Adam Roades
Copada - Margaret Bremner

Challenge #174
Guest blogger: Susie Ng
String supplied by Susie and use tangle Asian Fans by Suzanne McNeill
Tangles used:
W2 - Suzanne McNeill 
Keeko - Zentangle original
Afterglow - Carole Ohl 

Challenge #177
Guest blogger - Me!
String supplied and use tangles starting with J/V/O to honor Joey

Tangles used:
Jalousie - Stephanie Kukla
Verve - JJ LaBarbera
Onion Drops - Shasta Garcia
Viaduct - Wayne Harlow
Vache1 - Genevieve Grabe

Hi, This will be a very long post. I have been off Zentangle for a time because of personal reasons, but are trying to catch up on all the Joey challenges. Thanks to all that participated in challenge 177 where I was the guest blogger.

About challenge 178 - I am wondering what was the intention of the person who started this - where each tile supposed to be an entity on its own or was was the tangles supposed to "overflow" from one tile to the next? I have seen both methods. (to try to explain more - my tile 1 is sort of on its own where for the other tiles the tangle started on one tile but ended on the adjacent tiles according to the string.)

Challenge #178
Tile 1:
Tangles used:
African Artist - Tina Hunziker
Verve - JJ LaBarbera
Knightbridge - Zentangle original
Echoism - Zentangle original

Tile 2:
Tangles used:
Merryweather - Sandy Hunter
Ixorus - Zentangle original 

Tile 3:
Tangles used:
Cruffle - Sandy Hunter
Merryweather - Sandy Hunter
Joy - Joyce Block
Indyrella - Zentangle original

Tile 4:
Tangles used:
Breach - YuRu Chen
Merryweather - Sandy Hunter
Fescu. Zinger, Florz, Nzeppel, Printemps - Zentangle originals

Tile 5:
Tangles used:
Muscari - Elaine Benfato
Nzeppel - Zentangle original
Merryweather - Sandy Hunter
Cruffle - Sandy Hunter
Fassett - Lynn Mead
Tipple - Zentangle original
Tile 6:
Tangles used:
Ginili - Randi Wynnne
Merryweather - Sandy Hunter
Joy - Joyce  Block
Indyrella - Zentangle original

And tile 1 to 6 together:

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Made by Joey #171 and 172

#171 is the last in the alphabet-finish-my-tile challenge.
String "Z" and started with Zonked by Barbara Finwall
 Zonked is a beautiful tangle when done right, but Zonked, zonks me!
Other tangles:
Ztrik by Yamit Freidman
Zinger a Zentangle original

#172 Challenge by Ilse of Zentangle Zoo (thanks Ilse)
Ilse gave us a "star" string and suggested Auraknot, a Zentangle original
Other tangles:
Warangaie by Sandra Strait and
Lichen (for Ilse Leuken) by Jennifer Hohensteiner
Both tiles were coloured using Inktense pencils and I loved drawing "pictures" to colour in!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Diva Challenge #321
Non Dominant - Aura Challenge
Tangles tried:
Afterglow by Carole Ohl
Rain by Suzanne McNeill
Printemps, Crescent Moon, Keeko, Msst, IX, Sez - Zentangle originals

I've done this yesterday evening and my shoulder and arm muscles were very tight and sore afterwards. I did the shading with my right hand because this morning my muscles was too sore to try and shade it with my left hand. If I ever do this again, I will do a tangle, rest and do a tangle, rest, etc. What I found out was that it was easier for me doing circles with my left hand (non dominant) than straight lines and when I drew Keeko, I've done it from left to right in the first line and then tried from right to left in the subsequent lines which was much easier. So all my empathy to the left handed people in a right handed world when it comes to writing - I think it would have been much easier for left handed people writing from right to left than the other way round. 😄